Monday, December 5, 2011

What I really want for Christmas

I want a lot of stuff for Christmas. I want supplies for my classroom, new "teacher" clothes, and stuff for my house. I don't expect to get all or any of these things, and I really am grateful for all of the things I have. I've been thinking though about what I really want for Christmas, my wish can't be found in a store, it can't be wrapped, and it doesn't cost anything...but unfortunately it's impossible. For Christmas, I just want to go back in time. I want to have another Christmas, really another year, as a child. I want to feel the joy and excitement of Christmas like I did when I was a kid. I want another Christmas with my parents together and the people I love still here.

DW and I usually ended up sleeping in the same bed 'cause we were just too excited to go to sleep! I want to grab my brother's hand and sneak into my parents' room to wake them up really early, like 4am early, on Christmas morning to go see what Santa left us. I want my parents to make Christmas seem so real! Complete with half eaten cookies, and empty Diet Pepsi (yep, we didn't leave milk) gnawed carrots for the reindeer, boot and hoof prints in the snow, I want it all. I want my dad to cook breakfast and then I want to sit at the table with my family. Then, I want to take an afternoon nap before going to my grandma's. I want to go to my Guinkum's and see my aunt Cathy. I want to tell her all about my Christmas gifts. I want to have to wait for the prayer before we eat because Mike, Sherry, Matt, and Trey will be coming in at that exact time! I want to spend the evening playing board games with my family and laughing until we can't talk. I want to go back to when holidays were complete joy, and didn't make me miss the people and ideals that are gone... all I want for Christmas is my childhood back.

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