Sunday, August 28, 2011


I consider myself a tomboy. Believe it or not- with all my vintage dresses and hats, away from Sunday mornings this girl is rough around the edges! Now, I love looking girly and feeling like a woman, but I appreciate the finer things in life too. Like, getting dirt under my finger nails even if they're polished pink, coughing and sneezing up black gunk after halling straw, ruining a pair of jeans in the mud, and the smell of gunsmoke on September 1st.
 Before I joined the Leyhew family I was still a tomboy at heart, but had never been dove hunting. Now the beginning of September is like a national holiday for me! I know some people think it's awful to hunt, especially doves cause "they're so pretty" First of all- I believe it's wrong to hunt if you are not eating the animal or it's not a threat to humans and I'll stand by that, it's wrong to kill just cause. Secondly- Doves are not "pretty!" I cringe when people say that! I'm terrified of birds for starters, but people think of the white doves that are released at weddings, not the ugly gray things that dart across the sky!
 I don't mind getting dirty! Today when I was at my in-laws I sat down, in my Sunday clothes (Reminder- I DRESS to the nines for church) at the desk that has the relolading station on it and started loading shells for Thursday. My father-in-law said "honey you're gonna get dirty" I said "it really doesn't matter." Dirt doesn't bother me, Most times it will wash out and if not, then it can be used as a "play" outfit. (BTW- I didn't get a speck of dirt on my dress, I'm that good.)
Riding my fourwheeler, though I don't get to ride it near as often as I want to, is one of my favorite things to do. If you're upset about something riding on that fourwheeler will release all of those feelings. It's like a renewing when I get to go out and trudge through fields. I can use most tools that are in a machine shop. Though I haven't done it in a few years, it wouldn't take much to pick those skills back up.

I will always be a Southern Belle- but that doesn't mean I can't hang with the boys. Just remember that just cause a girl is polished doesn't mean she's a frail lady!