Monday, June 13, 2011


Yesterday I heard a wonderful sermon, presented by one of my favorite persons. It was on being content in your life, which I feel like was a definite God-send for me, because I have been struggling with being content.

Sometimes I think, "I really wish I had some extra money so I could go buy some clothes," yes dresses and hats are my weakness, as you may know. Then I may think "I really wish I had some more money so I could get these cool sandals, or wedges..." I always want more, when I already have so much! After I want for these things, I often scold myself for feeling I need more when some people may only have one outfit to their name, and may not even own a pair of shoes. It's such a shame that we live in a world where we are often not satisfied with all we have been blessed with, and like I said, I'm talking directly to myself here.

Along with material things, sometimes I struggle with wanting to spend more time with people, expecially my husband. You may be thinking, well you shouldn't feel guilty for wanting to spend more time with them, but hear me out. For everyone out there that has lost their spouse, or mother, or brother, or best friend I should be content that I've had this long with them, and shared this relationship with them, rather than feeling like I deserve to spend more time with them. Whenever I say, "I miss you," especially to Nick, I feel guilty and scold myself for thinking that I miss them....I have no reason to miss them because they are still on this Earth...

I need to focus on relying on God to provide the things I need, and knowing that will be enough...The sermon presented Psalms 23, which really broke it down for me, I never really understood what those first verses were saying until it was explained, I shall not want anything, because the Lord is my shepherd and He shall provide for me...

Psalms 23- The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

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